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Tuesday, May 29, 2012


I leave for Texas tomorrow morning. I'm sad and happy. (You know how it is.) I've already said goodbye to all of my friends, and I went over to my girlfriend Rachel's house today to say goodbye. I gave her a package which included a mix tape for her trip to France, a poem, and this painting:

I was terrified today because I sprayed on it what I thought was acrylic finish but turned out not to be. And it turned a jet black. Thankfully we used this product to get it off and now it has sort of a dark, artistic tint. But she loved it--and the poem and the tape. She might be the most amazing thing that has ever happened to me. I'm gonna miss her so much.

Which is why I got her face and initials tattooed onto my shoulder. It rocks.

Also, my brother did a painting for my dad's honorary Father's Day, since he's not coming with us to Texas. I think it's pretty cool. The theme is dreams, because my dad has insanely creative and bizarre dreams. Some of the subtler stuff doesn't show up, but here it is:

And while I'm shamelessly promoting my brother, here's the latest video of his original guitar piece, with the filming done by Calebsmind Productions. Check it out at the following link.

Hope you enjoyed that. Anyway, I'm not going to be able to post at all during my trip to Texas and Alaska, but I'm working on a lot of poems and hopefully I'll start some short story projects and essays as well while I'm gone. So keep posted! I get home around July 1, and then I leave again a week or so after that.

Regina Spektor as well as Edward Sharpe and the Magnetic Zeros both came out with a new album today!!!! I downloaded both but I'm too excited to listen to them yet. I've been awaiting this moment for a year or more......

Goodbye, all! Blessings for all of you! Have a great summer, everyone! Miss me!



Jillian said...

Edward Sharpe!!!! Love them. Must buy album.

Hey. So I take off for awhile and come back and you're all moving and writing poems for your girlfriend and shamelessly promoting your brother. My, we've grown up a bit.

Alaska this time of year sounds lovely.

Mack-Attack said...

Have fun!

Bookish.Spazz said...

Have fun in Texas!

Also, please pass along to your brother that he is exceptionally talented and I thoroughly enjoyed his song and painting.

Jen said...

Have a great time in Texas! And tell your brother that I listened to his song and his guitar playing skills are awesome. Truly skilled.

Boyd said...

I hope you enjoy both the burning rusticness that is Texas and the frozen wonderland that is Canada!

Gabi said...

Your brother is really good.
Have tons of fun this summer!

Alex said...

Those painting are really cool, and I'm glad the first one's okay. I like the cat in the second one and the cats in the video, and the video in general. The audio was really good, wouldn't you say (wink wink, nudge nudge, please tell me that I did good, dear God, please, this is all I have).

Have fun in Texas and Alas... Ha! You have 69 members! Sorry, I lost my train of thought... Where was I? Oh, right. ka!

Kassandrah said...

you're awesome