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Friday, May 17, 2013

Some Haikus From a Fierce Haiku Competition

On Cats:

Soft matrix of meows
Tiny white feet searching for
The right pudgy arm

On Space Jam:

Possessed ducks, rabbits
Lively loons and cute Martians
Shoot hoops with M.J.

On Ducks:

 My roommate's a duck
He eats all my Pop-Tarts but
Does cuddle with me

On Baby Firemen:

Fire rages, screaming
Choking smoke. Tot with hose and
Hat gurgles. Too cute!

Wise Goat:

Smelly, bearded bard
What does it mean that you chew
On my sandal straps?

Talking Tree:

Towering pine tree
Shakes leaves and roars, "My name is


Monstrous black worms fall
From space. Kid with lizard grins
Alone. Says "All mine."