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Sunday, February 24, 2013

i'm back--(for me)

Little blonde man
Two-feet-tall, soft raccoon hands
You’re a funny little gremlin
With a mind like springy sunlight
And amused, animal eyes
Clouded with curiosity like
That of an angelic ape

You remind me of a shadow
Of neurons that still
Reside in my cold skull
Forgetting itself, indignant at everything
Calling for mother
I can feel it dying in my eyes

Ugly old child
Bald, with a coincidental kind of cuteness
With a face burrowing in on itself
Confused, searching eyebrows
You also are disappearing, being replaced with
A wrinkled pile of pudgy pain
You are remembering third grade
All of a sudden—and you
Don’t like it;
Death is like the fear
Of shitting your pants

You remind me of a star
Whose bright white shadow I live in
Whom I race to, blindly
Whom I will stumble into backwards
And my last coherent thought to cling to
Will be the fading glimpse of the
Planet I have left behind.

Thursday, February 21, 2013

Well, This Is Awkward.

Tuesday, February 5, 2013

For Christmas I received
The Corpse of the earth, bleeding—pale
And I tried to sneeze my joy out through
A swimming headache of a grateful grin
But my ego was melting like the ice caps
And I knew that Christ had been stuffed and
Abandoned in the attic, to rats with lazy eyes,
God and Grandmother have crumbled into mildew
Soon they will be just a strange glint in the clouds
That will make our stomachs turn with a sickness that will
Eat us from the inside, so we’ll fill ourselves
Up with carbon gases, plastic, and more Stuff
Up and up and up, until we’ve erupted into
Another World, where the Sun is Ourselves
And that Thing which we can only smell with our Nostalgia
Draws rattling breaths like Nightmare Trees
Buried in the Earth and in Corners of the Air
And its Dead silence will be our eternal punishment.