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Tuesday, August 30, 2011

A Poem and an Aardvark

Where It Leads

I’m hiding the Universe in one eye
To keep the ghosts away
But I stowed the sun in a diamond ring
To wash away the gray

This morning I saw a bicyclist
In black trench coat and top hat
I chased him and begged to hear his name
But then he turned into a bat

I took a swim in the midnight sky
But found it far too cold
I shook off the sparkling stars
And found my skin was shining gold

At dawn I thought I saw a face
In the swirling, cloudy sky
But then it melted away and
I cried and waved goodbye

Just today I met a tree
That claimed it had a soul
I stared and thought and wondered
Then I fell up the rabbit hole

Ha det bra,

Saturday, August 27, 2011

I Get These Headaches

These awful fucking headaches.

Sometimes I have a dream that I'm in a barren, gray field and that I start running. As I'm running, lightning bolts begin to strike my head over and over again, and pain surges through it. After the storm stops, I lie on the ground and cringe, as every time I move my head, bolts of pain run through it.

When I wake up, I beg God to make the pain go away. I'll do anything at all if you just make the pain go away. Please. I'll do anything.

Then I go to sleep, and it's like I've just died. It's the end. It's all over.

And then I wake up, and it's like I've been reborn. And the world smells fresh again.

Those awful fucking headaches.


Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Stories from a Night of Dreams: Day 5

Jumping Off

I watched as the man plummeted from the
Top of the building, under the silent
Watch of the pensive full moon
His coat flapping furiously in the wind
He looked just like a leaf falling from a tree
I couldn’t see his face but I imagine he
Closed his eyes as he was
Swallowed by the silky darkness
Plunging into the depths of
Some other world.


Monday, August 22, 2011

Stories from a Night of Dreams: Day 4

The Mirror

I stood looking at myself in the mirror this morning
Tracing my eyes over the skeletal face staring back at me
With such a curious expression on his face
After a while I reached out a hand and pushed it through
I just couldn’t help myself
I passed through it like liquid, exchanging places
With my bemused, lamp-lit, mirror self
I turned away from it and walked into
The world behind the mirror.


Sunday, August 21, 2011

Stories from a Night of Dreams: Day 3

Where the Ghosts Come to Dance

Music fills every hall, every room
The chandeliers sparkle with little flames
Laughter ripples in pockets of air
Voices float upward and stain the ceiling
The quiet tinkling of champagne glasses
Hovers in the halls like mist
I’m dressed in my best suit
Smiling and enjoying this fine party
Although there is not a soul in sight
And although the house is empty
Except for me and the piano music
And the tinkling of champagne glasses
You see, this is the house where
The ghosts come to dance.


Saturday, August 20, 2011

Stories from a Night of Dreams: Day 2

The Elevator

Alone in an elevator
I sit on the cold floor that is
Cast in an icy blue light
Avoiding the stare of the
Stainless steel doors
I have already tried
The emergency escape hatch
I stuck my head out only to
Find myself gazing at an
Eternity of dark nothingness
That continued to infinity
I went back inside and
Closed the hatch
Safe in this island but still
Alone in an elevator.


Friday, August 19, 2011

Stories from a Night of Dreams: Day 1

Man on the Roof

Gliding through the woodland trees
Blurred by the milky sunlight
I chase a figure that flickers and darts
Around the winding trail
He leads me to a house with an
Orange-red roof and pale windows
I almost think I’ve lost him but
Then I see him standing there by the chimney
On that orange-red roof
Smiling before the fiery sun
I look up at him and think that
He wants me to follow.


Wednesday, August 10, 2011

My Castle in a Tree

As the sweet rain smears the watercolor world
And the beams of sunshine are stirred into it
As the trees ripple and splash around me
And my knees melt into the ground
The enormous trunk looms before me
My castle in a tree

Roots run in muscular veins down the mammoth redwood
They are the perfect staircase for me to ascend
As my swollen tears float off to space
The castle doors open to greet me
And my face is bathed in lamplight from within
My castle in a tree

The walls breathe a sigh of welcome
Flames leap onto every white wax candle
I take off my sandals so that my ancient feet
Warm the polished wooden floor
The world, it shivers before me in
My castle in a tree

The leaves, they let the sunlight in
But guard me from the things that lurk
Just beyond the edge of the earth
So that he can’t see me
And there aren't any memories

My castle in a tree

At once it evaporates into the golden sky
My hands and legs enflame before me
All the world is drowned in blackness and
Leaves not a single silver bubble
This is the death, the murder of
My castle in a tree

This MONTH'S Blog of Specialness is Beauty Like a Kaleidoscope. Which I hope I spelled right. Also, you may have noticed that I am altering the Blog of Specialness from a fortnight to a month. This is for two reasons. 1) This blog is dying and I can't be bothered to post a new Blog of Specialness every two weeks. 2) I really love this new blog and I want everyone to check it out or else they get a whooping.

I've been listening to the song Shine On by JET a lot because it makes me think of a certain person who I really miss. Well, is it possible to miss someone you never really knew? If so, then yes, I miss them. If not, then no, I do not miss them.

Simple as that.


Friday, August 5, 2011


Will's my friend and that's for sure
He's the nicest guy I know
He's really fun and really nice
Will is as perfect as friends go

He's got dark dark eyes and white white skin
And a messy head of hair
Will is skinny as a stick
But always hungry as a bear

Will never ever moves a muscle
I've never seen him blink
He just likes to sit and smile
Stare ahead and think

Will is my best ever friend
Yes, he's as perfect as friends go
Will is my friend--he's been my friend
Since he died a year ago.