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Friday, June 29, 2012


Just got back from Texas a couple of days ago! I have not posted yet because yesterday I exhausted all of my posting energy writing a guest post on Alex's Prosy Camoca, which I will probably contribute another six thousands posts to within the next seven days. I think you'll find that interesting.

This trip was a bit different than most. My grandmother's left foot had been feasted on by a vicious Blibbering Humdinger, and we were given the duty of wheeling her around in her chariot day and night. Also I probably spent too much time texting and calling and writing my girlfriend, but that's only because I'm obsessed with her.

I visited Southwestern University in Georgetown and didn't think much of it. They all seemed too happy. I don't wanna go to a college where people are happy.

I also founded an empty turtle shell and named it Wallace, went canoeing, painted rocks, got my six months, played piano at my grandfather's nursing home, watched home videos and my parents' wedding tape, played around with my baby cousins, went swimming in the Guadalupe, jumped on rocks, wrote letters, wrote poems, wrote monologues, started a short story, drew pictures, saw some chickens, saw my brother see a buffalo but I did not, visited the Indian Health Service in Ada where my mom once worked, saw a community theater play, ate at a lot of restaurants, had homemade ice cream, visited Southwestern, decided to go on a vegetarian trial, ate a portabella mushroom sandwich and wanted to vomit blood, read a bunch of books, went to the library, had a diving contest, met some family people and some new friend people, walked along the river in the dark and came across a group of half-naked teenagers, failed to do any exercise, changed a few light bulbs, cleaned, made a mess again, saw my mother's home town and birth house, and some other stuff.


How are you guys?