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Tuesday, March 26, 2013

words summarizing love and life












Thursday, March 14, 2013

A Yucky Love Poem

a little stream (‘trickling’)

Parisian princess, guitar-whisperer (in fact)
eyes like the -silence of stars, content to breathe
glazed with Something I believe exceeds sunbeams
the brimming tides of your Smiles are a ..soft song
buried! in the moonlit whispers of night
smiles like misty fistfuls of
dream, too wonderful

and when I am with.you
i almost excuse the old grassy poets
for writing of, gentle lips and -love
i too have become ..Obsessed with the
warm religion, of your hands
the angelic anatomy of your eyes
and the Preludes -of your breaths
the Nocturnes of (funny) words that
spill off your tongue
and blossom in my brain

i confess:
i love your flowing midnight hair
your breath, tasting like france. and ‘chocolate kisses’
honeyed with delicious murmers
your freckles, glimmering shadows of stars
your faintly catholic. eyebrows –and wit
the wicked warmth of your skin
and the way i feel it glow—sunny sinfulness
your laughter, wonderful. weird sunset sounds…
your five million faces, each a –painting-
your erotic knees and your flowers of knuckles
your ears and nose and elbows
(i could write an ode to your elbows…)
your heart, and your ribs, and your
Marvelous. Mind
i love even the unsaid songs
which you hide in your head
i love the fact i could ..write a (poem)
about you and never quite be
finished, with it

i love your voice, the celestial sighing
of a brook (ha!) winding
the magical. melody of
a little stream