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Thursday, May 24, 2012

Dream Poem

              Why    dark. liquid dreams,     —in skulls padded with            Brain Pillows!

   films glinting, -murky-  like the   wet-concrete Rainbows
-REM, radio sky    flickering   silent-stained
Voices tumbling, -mythical, like waves  … off the walls
and the    faded, pastel  Sun blinks with sPasTic  -eyelid
         People: smilingfrowning  —faceless, rolling like fog Over the Earth
Jaws and Eyes :           these the white Ocean Crests tumbling…
smiling, frowning

      Why   the Sleeping Deity, turning in bed-

Why   nocturnal ocean with         moonlight epidermis
               and trees that –stand awkward, like    adolescent Goliath –paralyzed in time, sunlit
               or scarecrows grinning with   straw-stuffed esophogas
  acrylic skies drip-ping free     ¡plop!     running –earth

Cubist. Individuals ambling,  sparks of memory singing,   “Remember me?”
-and you’re     ridiculed with singeing  blushes
       ashamed by   skies heavy   throbbing –disgusted!
    exhalted on cloudy-staircases,  loved on whispery   linen sheet
            FEARFUL with   gasping  arteries        -icy terror streaming.screaming
 ooh seized by surging lust  -pounding  in snoozing animal glands.  threatening ejaculation!
              there’s grief or  fear wracking your   smoky skeleton,  transparent
               so the ground screams for   You,  moaning terrible! unbearable!
Below your feet,swimming

       Why nightmares,   phantom closet-dwellers    -parasitic nightly hauntings
            Why terrifying! labyrinth-castles,  with      coiling,catacomb  -lungs
    where the walls..  wheeze with       bacterial breath
and  souls  bellow  -in agony… in  forsaken   -architectural organs

Why  world!      ripe with sunset warmth—
      with intimate,songs   hot on your neck
           and happiness… that launches you to flowing,white    Cumulus streets
     with bare feet lapping Parisian concrete
and smiles that   descend  like,     Solar Storms
or Mothers or Loves   singing  lullabies, soft

     Why dreams,with,wind   that licks your face  as you        ..soar among the Stars
Why nightmares with  vicious,   alter-egos  swinging Axes!  licking salt off their lips-
          or kingdoms in the ,trees!    moon-bound suburbia
       celestial monsoons tearing/ beasts roaring- mythical howls/  Godly fingers, absent

In your –Brain Pillows!           nocturnal melodies,  these Things we call Dreams..


Kay said...

I love the structure of this poem. I'm not sure whether or not it was intentional, but I'm absolutely in love love with it.

Sydney said...

you're pretty good at this poetry stuff :)