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Saturday, February 18, 2012

Winter Poem

To those skeletal trees of winter
Ebony blood vessels drinking the sky
Brittle finger bones reaching for the icy sun
I have seen the way you move--without moving
Gypsy dancers arrested by time
Hard skin caked with cold, dry, gasping air
Spines thrown back in vibrating worship of the world
Paralyzed in that moment of glowing ecstasy
I have seen the way you sway at night
Dancing to the spectacular orchestra of winter darkness
Your bare, brown arms painted white in the moonlight
I have seen the way you whiver, laden with snow
Carrying it on your back, gleeful cherub
You trees, the almond-eyed mothers, reluctant to say farewell
As it slides down your shoulders and off onto
The rumbling chill of city streets and brown grass
I have seen the way you sing
When you think no one is looking
You trees, beaming and lifting soundless hymns to heaven
I love your angelic nakedness, your motionless dance
Splaying your fingers out in the chilly air as
Your slithering toes bury into the freezing earth
You divine ice sculpture, aging ancestors, noiseless companions
You skeletal trees of winter

We had an assembly at school on Friday about Global Warming. It was a really stupid assembly, frankly, and intended for an age group several years younger than ours, so no one really took it seriously. Which is a pity, because I think this is a monumentally important topic which cannot be undermined with comical animations and desperate attempts to talk to us "on our level."

But anyway, it got me thinking that I have yet to make this blog Carbon Neutral, as I have made The Nerd Archives. I then decided to write the best fucking Carbon Neutral post on the fucking blogosphere, and I will post it in due time.

Do not think I have forgotten about my rant about gay rights. That is coming. I will write it over the long weekend. I will have lots of time, because I am sick.




Gabi said...

That poem. <3
I love your imagery so much.
I hate it when people patronize high schoolers. We're intelligent. Mostly. Sometimes.
Oh! I have to write a carbon neutral post too. Reminders are good.

Gabi said...

Oh, and feel better!

L. said...

I hope that you feel better. I agree with Gabi. I hate getting patronized. I try to treat everyone the same. I talk to little kids on the same level that I'd talk to a kid my age or to an adult. I don't use the same language between each age group, as you can't really swear with a six year old, but the intention to get information across is at the same intellectual level for each group. At least, I think it is :) You go out there and write the best Carbon Neutral post ever!

Alex said...

Your blog is the Dead Poets Society of the Internet. Also, that assembly did suck, although it was funny when they had the animation of the trees literally eating Carbon Dioxide. Not to mention they implied that we should kill cows in order to lower the amounts of methane in the atmosphere.

Kay said...

Aw, what a nice poem. :3 I love thinking about bare trees as skeletons. It's so eerie.

Feel better!!! I demand it!