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Sunday, January 29, 2012

Duy Huynh

iCopyright notice: I do not own any of these pictures! Except the last one, which is a picture of my penis. If these pictures do get removed, here's a link to the artist's official website.

I found this artist in a gallery in Asheville.


That just sounded so adult and professional.

Pretty fantastic, huh? I would honestly buy one if I actually had money. Which is, you know, any important component involved in purchasing things like paintings.

Song for today? "Honey Bunny," by Girls.

It is so ME. Ha ha, not really. But I like the Deathly Hallows necklace. I got a Deathly Hallows key chain on Amazon. I showed it to a bunch of people at school and only a handful recognized it. Despicable.

How did it ever happened that my two of my three best friends are Republicans, and none of my three best friends likes Harry Potter?

This is indeed a disturbing Universe.



Gabi said...

The second picture reminded me of that scene from one of the Hitchhiker's Guide books when they fly through the air. But naked. And, um, "dancing" with each other.
What I meant was that I had pangs of nostalgia and stuff and found it beautiful.

Anonymous said...

All these paintings are wonderful. I can't wait to buy my first real painting either! It's my first time visiting this blog and it's neato.