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Thursday, January 12, 2012

Good News! And a Texas Poem

The good news is that I finally got my laptop back. The fantastic tech guy who was working on it recovered almost all of the files, and he updated everything that needed updating, which is fantastic. And that combined with the fact that I probably needed this experience to wean me off my laptop makes me think this was all a blessing in disguise.

I'm still happy to get my laptop back, though. How shall we celebrate! Ooh, I have an idea! How about a nice poem!

An Ode to Deserts and Hills and Texas

Walking over the dusty red hills of Texas
Where coarse grass grows like hair on the fisherman’s cheek
The echoing silence surrounds me like an ocean
That could carry me up to the sky
Roads slice through the sandy land carved by
A scalpel, the surgeon’s paintbrush,
And the earth’s muddy intestines peek through its grassy skin
Its pulsating brains are exposed
Rusty rainbows of copper and crimson, carmine and coffee
With slithering scars of sparkling yellow

I gaze over the mountains and valleys, mesas and plateaus
That tower over the land like skyscrapers
From ancient cities
And I think it must be some great ocean
Frozen in time
The hills are sandy fossils, abandoned exoskeletons
Of enormous waves that once crashed and sprayed
Red droplets of water into the hot air
And suddenly I feel as though I am on a foreign planet
Standing here among this unmoving ocean
This prehistoric play set
On which giants must have once run on their
Calloused bare feet
Unleashing their roars that carried over the land

The yellow sun wraps its searing claws
Around my moist white neck
I squint at the sky and dream my dreams
Among the hills of Texas



Gabi said...

I loved that so much that I read it out loud to myself. I love poems that put images into my mind. Your alliteration here and there worked brilliantly.

I'm off to be my untalented self!

Anonymous said...

I'm glad you got your computer back! Your poem is great. It inspired me to write a haiku:

Bobby's fifth birthday
face aglow, opens the box:
hat made of chainsaws.

(The last line can be substituted for "can of nasal spray", "bottle of anthrax", etc.)

You're cool. Bye.