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Tuesday, January 24, 2012

The Psychic Duck, A Guest Post by Alex (AKA "Slicks")

If you’ve got no place to go,
And you’re down on your luck.
Please, do come in,
And speak to this duck.

He’s able to tell the future,
It’s 100 percent true (I swear).
So, please, do sit down,
And ask for your fortune, if you dare.

He accepts no form of currency,
(but tips help pay for his food),
So, please, do not worry,
As you’ve got nothing to lose.

I understand you must be confused,
As you cannot understand his diction.
So, please, do listen close,
As I translate his wondrous prediction.

He says you’ll be the king of the world,
And as rich as any man can be,
So, uh…, please, do not forget,
Who originally told you your destiny.

My name is Charlotte Tan,
And this is The Great Anatidae.
So, please, do be charitable
To those who helped you out today.

I hope we’ve boosted your esteem,
And made your hard life easier,
So, please, do have a nice day
Mr… what was it? Caesar?


Anonymous said...

oh come off it, just marry me already

...i'm kidding.