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Friday, August 5, 2011


Will's my friend and that's for sure
He's the nicest guy I know
He's really fun and really nice
Will is as perfect as friends go

He's got dark dark eyes and white white skin
And a messy head of hair
Will is skinny as a stick
But always hungry as a bear

Will never ever moves a muscle
I've never seen him blink
He just likes to sit and smile
Stare ahead and think

Will is my best ever friend
Yes, he's as perfect as friends go
Will is my friend--he's been my friend
Since he died a year ago.



Bookish.Spazz said...


Well at the beginning I was like "Hey, this is really upbeat and this Will chap sounds pretty swell!"

And then it got creepy.

And then it got sad.

Way to manipulate my emotions through poetry...

Rainy said...

Ayeeeeee creepy!

It's so rare to read this kind of style from you.

At first I thought, oh, is his target audience children?

Nope. Never. Goodbye.

That Bastard From Bellingham said...

WELL DONE, sir! Your control of the tone of this piece was marvelous, really well done.

Lemons Don't Make Lemonade said...

This is lovely. The ending makes me sad and emotional but that just makes me love it more.

And love you more, if I might add.

Furree Katt said...

i did not see the ending coming! wow.

L. said...

The poetry has a Shel Silverstein feel to it, what with the rhyme scheme and the rhyme pattern. It flowed extremely well and it sounds fantastic when spoken aloud (I always read poetry outloud. Don't ask, just accept.)

The beginning was deceiving, and I thought that this was going to be happy. I should have known, this being your deep, introspective blog, that this wasn't going to be happy.

Just one question, however - Is Will real? If so, you have my deepest condolences.

If not, that poem touched my heart.