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Saturday, August 27, 2011

I Get These Headaches

These awful fucking headaches.

Sometimes I have a dream that I'm in a barren, gray field and that I start running. As I'm running, lightning bolts begin to strike my head over and over again, and pain surges through it. After the storm stops, I lie on the ground and cringe, as every time I move my head, bolts of pain run through it.

When I wake up, I beg God to make the pain go away. I'll do anything at all if you just make the pain go away. Please. I'll do anything.

Then I go to sleep, and it's like I've just died. It's the end. It's all over.

And then I wake up, and it's like I've been reborn. And the world smells fresh again.

Those awful fucking headaches.



Katie said...

this poem gave me a headache, in a good way.

Bookish.Spazz said...

I'll punch those headaches in the balls.

L. said...

It's like you're my evil twin. I agree with Katie, this poem gave me a headache. But not really in a good way, I just happened to get a headache while reading it.

Bookish.Spaz, can you punch my headaches in the balls too? They deserve it.