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Wednesday, August 10, 2011

My Castle in a Tree

As the sweet rain smears the watercolor world
And the beams of sunshine are stirred into it
As the trees ripple and splash around me
And my knees melt into the ground
The enormous trunk looms before me
My castle in a tree

Roots run in muscular veins down the mammoth redwood
They are the perfect staircase for me to ascend
As my swollen tears float off to space
The castle doors open to greet me
And my face is bathed in lamplight from within
My castle in a tree

The walls breathe a sigh of welcome
Flames leap onto every white wax candle
I take off my sandals so that my ancient feet
Warm the polished wooden floor
The world, it shivers before me in
My castle in a tree

The leaves, they let the sunlight in
But guard me from the things that lurk
Just beyond the edge of the earth
So that he can’t see me
And there aren't any memories

My castle in a tree

At once it evaporates into the golden sky
My hands and legs enflame before me
All the world is drowned in blackness and
Leaves not a single silver bubble
This is the death, the murder of
My castle in a tree

This MONTH'S Blog of Specialness is Beauty Like a Kaleidoscope. Which I hope I spelled right. Also, you may have noticed that I am altering the Blog of Specialness from a fortnight to a month. This is for two reasons. 1) This blog is dying and I can't be bothered to post a new Blog of Specialness every two weeks. 2) I really love this new blog and I want everyone to check it out or else they get a whooping.

I've been listening to the song Shine On by JET a lot because it makes me think of a certain person who I really miss. Well, is it possible to miss someone you never really knew? If so, then yes, I miss them. If not, then no, I do not miss them.

Simple as that.



Katie said...


I've been WAITING to be the Blog of Specialness EVER SINCE I STARTED FOLLOWING YOU.

For some weird reason, none of your post have showed up on google reader in ages. I did the logical thing and unfollowed you. Then refollowed, of course.

but really, thanks so much for the Blog of Specialness. It means a lot. :)

Katie said...


1) I love that song.

2) You spelled kaleidoscope right. I'm proud.

Bookish.Spazz said...

Again, your writing is wonderful. You should get a t-shirt that reads "I write wonderfully."

Lemons Don't Make Lemonade said...

I'm with Spazz. Except that your shirt should have these words instead: "Bitch, I can spell 'kaleidoscope.'"

That Bastard From Bellingham said...

Nice! Your poetry is always a good reminder to me that I'm simply not poetic. My poetry always comes out as either lyrics (spoken word, lol) or "ROW ROW FIGHT THE GOVERNMENT BURN DOWN THE MEGACORPS"...and I'm not even an anarchist.