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Tuesday, August 30, 2011

A Poem and an Aardvark

Where It Leads

I’m hiding the Universe in one eye
To keep the ghosts away
But I stowed the sun in a diamond ring
To wash away the gray

This morning I saw a bicyclist
In black trench coat and top hat
I chased him and begged to hear his name
But then he turned into a bat

I took a swim in the midnight sky
But found it far too cold
I shook off the sparkling stars
And found my skin was shining gold

At dawn I thought I saw a face
In the swirling, cloudy sky
But then it melted away and
I cried and waved goodbye

Just today I met a tree
That claimed it had a soul
I stared and thought and wondered
Then I fell up the rabbit hole

Ha det bra,


DB said...

I'm in Atlanta. Crazy big. And crazy...well, crazy.

Natalie said...

really liked it (: