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Sunday, July 3, 2011

You Know, Texas Is Pretty Hot

And I don't just mean that cowboy boots turn me on--the heat in Texas is very seriously blistering. One is forced to cope by bathing in bath tubs full of ice cubes and keeping the refrigerator door open as a secondary measure for air conditioning.

I had a wonderful trip, especially my four-day mission trip to New Orleans to help re-build. I won't go into the detail because my fingers are tired and I'm sleepy and it's too hot and I'm hungry, but I will tell you that it was a life-changing experience, beg you to go there too, and link you to this website about the disappearing land in Louisiana: Bayou Grace. Did you know that the equivalent of a football field of land is lost to the ocean every THIRTY EIGHT MINUTES in Louisiana? Maybe you can't go down there to help, but just see what you can do. Run along now.

Now, please, help yourself to a poem.

Swift Apocalpyse

Deep in the dim-lit catacombs of a classical art museum
Suspending somewhere in space near the French impressionist room
Herds of disfigured elephant people graze in flowing fields
Sheparded by angels with golden wisps of hair
The skies are milky and running thin
So that the heavens show through the melting clouds

Yes, it was a short poem. And yes, it may not have seemed worth it. But perhaps I can compensate by posting this picture of an infant howler monkey.

Eating cheddar & sour cream chips and plotting to take over the world,


PeaceLoveandSharpies said...

Texas is only hot because I'm visiting right now...
Add that to the friction of my Sharpies rubbing against paper and we've got freaking Global Warming.

Jennelle said...

That infant howler monkey was the cutest thing ever. Where do you find these things?

Abby said...

Nice poem. I liked the sky imagery. Also Texas is one of those states that I always think I will hate and want to raze but then when I get there it's pretty awesome. Glad you had fun!

Lexa Be said...

Texas summer is the equivalent of 9 months of the year in St. George, Utah. Hot, dry, and painful. Glad you survived! I escaped Utah with my life thankfully.

- Lexa Be

P.S. Glad to see new posts, not that I've been checking too much lately, which is mildly depressing.

That Blond Guy said...
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That Blond Guy said...
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