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Saturday, July 16, 2011

Some thoughts on the mindset of the human race...

After spending several weeks reading the works of Friedrich Nietsczhe, and after observing the world around me on a park bench while smoking Parliaments, I came to ask myself the question, what gave human beings the idea that they are the rulers of the Universe?

How did they come to adopt this massive ego? What makes them think that they are superior to all animals on the planet? That they belong in a different category from the other creatures of this earth? What makes us think we have the right to pump chemicals into the earth and burn holes in the ozone? Why are we under the impression that the world revolves around us? So those are all of the questions I've been wondering about. And I came up with this answer:

The toilet. And indoor plumbing.

I'm going to be gone for the next week to stay at the lake house of one of my dad's friends. I'm going to go ahead and keep Stars and Boulevards as this fortnight's Blog of Specialness. But remember to come back and check up on me! Keep posted! Don't leave me to die here. Please.

Trying to figure out what the word "voluptuary" means,


Lemons Don't Make Lemonade said...


Yes, indoor plumbing is truly amazing.

We'll miss you.