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Friday, August 10, 2012

the storm

the storm had rustled -with ancient aches

the wind rippling,  with flurrying fingers
and the pioneering raindrops died a blissful suicide;
earth.  it grumbled with prehistoric nostalgia
and threatened to turnDust on us-
or i thought so, dry in my electric hole
watching. clutching cat and dog,
through the window—cats&dogs

gradually the world dried up
sun, it cracked its knuckles,  sky yawned
the dusk sank down in pale blue sighs
even flashed a rainbow tail..
and the heavens ejaculated: a sunrise
angelic oranges mingling socially
with pinks and. baby blues
majestic clouds drifting, cumulus ships
tumbling white mountains branded on the sky
with viking majesty,  angel-veined
and the world hatched in a golden glimmer
that skated over the grass and trees
and landed gently on our faces
we laid down on the ground
let it soak through our skin
and coat our thirsty skeletons

but unknowingly
we were crucified there, under the sky
by our dreamy delusions of forever-and-ever
we were crucified, glass-eyed,  to die and be buried
yes crucified but
sweetly so


Boyd said...

When I read your poetry, I hear beautiful indie-folk songs in my head, like Neutral Milk Hotel. You NEED to start that band and write all the songs.

Gabi said...

aifsjajfdlskaafsd This is beautiful.