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Saturday, August 25, 2012

the shadow-puppet sonnets
that adorn a wacky. wall
from a sunny pair of hands
on an orange and crinkly fall

those loose-leaf.. mona lisas
a van gogh of sharpie art
traces poems on the wind
gifts the world with –paper hearts

for whom the windchimes chatter
with celestial. winter notes
clouds are moving pictures and
paper.cuts have antidotes

who speaks in ‘fluent rabbit’
connoisseur of truth-or-dare
pirates! in the summer sky
hidden doorways; in the air

who blesses us with strangeness.
through the stars: small fingers twirled
says life’s one heartbeat at a time
watching in wonder.  at the world


Boyd said...

Sometimes it's hard to leave intelligent comments on your poems, aside from "Wow, that is beautiful." Pretty much every time I read them, that's all I can think.

You should write poems for commission...like Shakespeare.

Bookish.Spazz said...

What Drew said.

I feel like a shallow kiddie pool when I read your poems.