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Sunday, August 12, 2012

A Love Poem (I Don't Do This Very Often)

School starts tomorrow. It's been probably the most eventful summer of my life. And I had some of the happiest moments of my life as well as some hard moments. I definitely had the most spectacular trip of my life, and I'll try to post a handful of pictures from Alaska soon. Anyway, there have been hard times toward the end, but a very valuable summer, I think. Onto the poem.

This poem is from a happier parts of my summer. Anyway, I thought I'd share it since I did a lot of experimenting with vocabulary and wordplay and punctuation and such. Here goes:


This‘Love-spilling,’ heartsThumping with red’angelic sighs  and adolescent eye”lids silently.whispering Happysecrets choking     on the Idea-of-Moonbeams  and chemicalEcstasy,hormonal-Joy (the richest kind!) in this marvelous. homeostasis of Fumbling Romance:      and the iridescence of bubbling’laughs,  the    pale,fluttering of fingertips!   soft Music of the Lips.. tango of the tongues   -the Warm,sunlit shadow of Touch –sweetPulsing echo    and Eyes electric with suchHappiness! (happiness)boiling,teeming,buzzing-twitching  (shall I sing? shall I dance? or lick the sun with sweetenedTongue)  happiness/Love!!  demanding to be Painted,Scuplted,recorded-inPoetryBooks      o! and the hurriedPassions the  desperate.  murmurs  the blushingburning,blushingburning desires..  the lovingEclipse-of  respiration and skin,flowering    lungs,melting—lips.meeting and  the Eyes humming rainbow. songs’  bodies magnetic for Each Other   in SweetSex.  teenage,breaths-   hot on their necks.. and the Natural. Rhythm  -the animal.anthem  of filling up! and drawing out… refrain— celebrated   by the Tide   (closeness! such closeness)   and oh,  the eyes closing/opening and  breaths: tumbling  and moans,flying   limbs-tangled,tightly  bare-backs blanketed InCloud-somehow’  their Skeletons ringing;  muscles:yearning  .and-finally!      Supernova of sensations!!  blissful,summit   eyesAching with love.soaring  heartbeatsSkipping  souls -flying  beluga-backed:  against Heavens stretching.. stars flexing,  Each lost-    in Other’s  windows-of,Eyes  mirrored-spirits     puzzle pieces
Lost! beautifully,totally lost   abandoned in     the Other’s eyes.   yet cocooned    in,     warmPalms.of    totalLove     -undoubting,     knowing
certain—         certainly! inLove      that-word“Love”          like,the
holySpirit     tangled          up      -in  Moments               -fragmented.          
in    Mosaic,pieces    like,a rose               -(truthfully):   vines/twirling     ..around
yourAnkles..                So,there’s          Nothing,you-want
more        than—                 just-right-then

that…  -thing  


Bookish.Spazz said...

I like the experimentation you did with the wording and spacing.

As per usual, you poem is excellent.

Boyd said...

Punctuation for the win!

I agree with Bookish that it's excellent, just as all of your poems are.