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Friday, March 16, 2012

OMG! And a poem

Just had the first performance of Hairspray tonight? It was FANTASTIC. This is the first time I've really ever gotten to experience that theater high, and it was amazing. I had seven lines as the guard. I stuttered in one of them. So I ruined the show, but it was still beyond belief. People laughed! Do you realize what that means? People laughed! We got THUNDEROUS applause. Like thunder. Except louder.

Now for the poem:

The Night Sky

Lying in a grassy field at midnight
The earth is like an hourglass
Peering at the glistening black clockwork of the sky
Its sparkling coils and turning gears
My mind sifts through space—interstellar mitosis
Hot beams of light searing my cheeks
I glide through the Universe—an angelic blue bead of electricity
Bolting through this fantastic icy ocean
Admiring the still, surreal landscapes
By endless fields of tinkling glass flowers
Glazed with the kaleidoscope colors of a solar dawn
By enormous moaning mounds of granite
Hovering mountains breathing their rumbling breaths
By suspended lakes of rainbow chemicals
With shimmering ripples sliding over their skin
Enchanted lakes with majestic, alien fish and sea plants
By paralyzed waves of galaxies
Frozen walls of stardust—twinkling white particles
By pulsating shadowy scars in the world
Into which time and light collapse like
The silvery threads of a spider web
By red planets blanketed by swirling designs of city lights
By mammoth iron pirate ships gliding from star to star
By asteroid archipelagoes and wandering herds of drifting phantoms
By swelling jungles of nebula glowing yellow and green
By dazzling displays of extraterrestrial beauty
All the while in pursuit of that final resting place
Some cloud-spun kingdom planted in the Universe—galactic mitochondria
Someplace to lie down and sleep soundly
Yet I whimper before Eternity sprawled around me
And I can feel Death’s smooth black claws
Digging deep and real into my skin
I am naked and shivering before Eternity—his cold lips closed
Truth surges sour and hot through my willowy veins as I realize
I am nothing but a cluster of intestines and bones and kidneys
In a trembling, shuddering sack of skin
My mind a convenient clump of nerves and synapses
My heart a quivering bulk of flesh
So I lie there with myself and with Death and with Eternity
My Mortality the elephant in the room
Here in a grassy field at midnight

I entered that for this year's annual contest from Claremont Review. I hope it wins, because I need money and I'm both too busy and too lazy too work.

There's two performances tomorrow, and one performance Sunday. I have a lot of people coming to see me, which is embarrassing because I'm only an extra.




Bookish.Spazz said...


Eeshie said...

This is insanely fucking good you deserve to win holy shit.

Jen said...

Why are you so good at writing? Next to you everything that I write looks inadequate, like the red-headed stepchild of writing.

CONGRATULATIONS ON YOUR PERFORMANCE!!!! I'm sure that it went brilliantly, and I'm sure that you did brilliantly! Being in the ensemble is honestly awesome, because you get to decide who your character is. The script can't tell you what to do, no sirree. But I'm sure it went swimmingly. Break a leg at your next three performances! Make them legendary!

Love and kisses,

Zeebs said...


This is good.

Anonymous said...

EEEEEEEEE my play opens on Wednesday. I'm Marian in The Music Man. AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAH what, I'm calm...
oh, and there was surprise kissing. Email me, bro.