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Friday, March 9, 2012

Lisa Clague

I know my posts have been very infrequent lately. I really am sorry about that. It's been for two reasons. 1) I was up in a cabin in Tennessee for the past several days so I didn't have or want internet access, and consequently I could not post. I'm on Spring Break!!! Yeaaahhhh!! 2) The schedule with school and the musical and Church and so on has been significantly more frantic than usual, especially since our production of the musical is coming up in a little over a week. (My first play production since elementary school! I's is scared......)

So I'm sorry about that. I should get better soon. Especially after the musical is finished. But until then, here are some pieces from the sculptor Lisa Clague, an artist I had the pleasure of discovering in a gallery in Asheville. I couldn't find names on the website so I'll just post the photos.

Très intéressant, oui?

I've done a lot of flirting with conformity in the past several weeks. I got a Facebook and I'm about to read The Hunger Games. I don't know what's happening to me.



Eeshie said...

HEY. The Hunger Games is actually really amazing. I'm pretty mad that Hollywood is trying to turn it into a Twilight - kind of movie series. It is a million and one times better than Twilight.

Ugh. They're not even comparable..

Oooh! Plays! What's your role?

Hohoh. Facebook, I see.