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Monday, December 12, 2011

Newest Painting

I apologize for the shitty quality. I think the painting is decent, though. The assignment was just a modern art piece incorporating various media including something 3-D. All the blue and white forming a frame around the painting is folded up, painted strips of cardboard. The only other 3-D media I used was an empty CD to form the black circle in the upper right hand corner. I wanted to use something significant to me, like a Beatles CD, but who would let me ruin their Beatles CD like that? Ah well. I could always lie. What someone doesn't know won't hurt 'em.

Lisa Hannigan, Lille




-Sam. said...

Precisely How Large Is that?


Christopher said...

9 x 15

Jillian said...

I really like it, I've been learning about mixed media art. It's such a cool medium. Like the colors, and I bet the textures look great too.