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Wednesday, November 21, 2012

The Beginning of Something

I'm not sure what, but here you are:

perhaps, i have heard, through Earthworn Ears, that
Hevon and Hell nest radioed in our minds
ha! sakred clowds of Eternity, fit in our skulls?
does this Wyrd resonate in your brain pillows? “Eternity?”
no! it cannot! it cannot! do not lie to your Swete Senses
our automaton senses clockwork configured for planetary geograffi
i thought once our hedds (our little squash-hedds!) were dore-ways
that Infinity lurked halo-hedded behind our eyeballs
this is not so! It cannot be, Fathers, whose teeths once hath birthed Great Truths
my hedd is just a sparkling slab of meat, with geens encoded—like quartz!
geens; they are interesting Things, yea! but not Infinity!
i do not think. i do not think. i do not know! Gah! Gah!
make these questions cease, this anesthetic sting
this mortal hurte, eternal migraine
throbbing dull, echoeing dizzily (absently) painful in
the communities of spiritts living in my bone marrow
i write poetries speaking of eternity, yea!
what else is there to write poetries of? flours? revolution?
sexx? freedum? ha! ‘love?’ hate? evil? goode?
let me kiss a whispered secret in your awful little ear:
this black is the stuffs that our bones are made of
and our eyes, and snaking blud vessels, and skyn
our cocks and vaginals and stomach bags
our indignant harts and sinewy Brain-matter
and even our visions of Soul, spectral blankets somewhere
are made of the black
black is made of the black
and white
the sun
and moon
and god


Abby K said...

This is one of the poems that I feel I only understand on the surface, that a few readings later (when I'm done feverishly writing) might unearth some other hidden gems of meaning. I love it.
I really like the tone and the spelling of the words. It really evokes a primal, almost evil, feeling, and immediately adopts a voice in your mind.

Boyd said...

I agree, the spelling of everything in this gives it a primal and archaic feeling. It brings to mind Gothic horror stories, with the word choices and subject matter. I'd REALLY like it if you posted a vlog of you reading your poems.

Abby K said...

WHOA, second to that comment ^
Also, you should overlay a track of you playing piano to be artsy. Maybe some shots of birds interspersed.
But also, seriously. Also also, you + Belle & Sebastian have gotten me interested in writing poetry again, though I can't really do anything until I finish this god damn novel. Just to let you know.

Kay said...

Wilks 215 B
486 So. Prospect St.
Burlington, VT 05405

That poem was blood-colored. But powerful and good.

Here's my address, by the way.
As you can see.
up there