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Sunday, July 8, 2012

I spotted my cat   perched      snoozing silent on the stair

sailing sweetly    back and forth  rocking between swirls of …feline dreams
blinking wise—sleepy with his contented, Egypt eyes
I stumbled over to him —head full of dusty-blue afternoon
bent low over:    so my lips brushed his papery ears  attentive
and breathed a whisper rootbeer-drunk…

“Tell me your secrets, Cat!
bestow upon me your wonderful, your majestic- OMNIPOTENT MEOW
echoing wisdoms of ancient- leonine emperors and the mighty Sabertooth
furry machines, Michaelangelan. masterpieces of amber muscle
why does Midnight dwell in your slits of pupils, -between respirating irises?
Midnight and mysteries   ..like Cave Entrances  slick with secret sunshines
how might I    capture the Spring in your step, the Summer in your stare?
the wisdoms that  whirl angelic around  your  Octagonal ears
scowling wisdoms great  but  -ignorant! of the mouse between your teethies
feline wisdoms like  Elder stars sparkling with a sepia glow from Space

“what god sent you, Creature?
what is Death?
why is Life?
Why, Cat, Why?”

he mewed and yawned and     arched his back
and padded up and off, away
he left me disappointed’ glassy-brained
my pupils idly tracing the sky
with half-interested    philosophical questions


Bookish.Spazz said...

Who knew cats were so inspiring?

Mine always just peed on our stuff whenever it got mad at us. Meh.

Kay said...

Cats' indifference is so alluring. It's like they know all the secrets of the world but they couldn't possibly care less.