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Thursday, April 19, 2012

Ron Mueck

Check it out. Fiberglass. And fantastic.

Unbelievable. I wanna meet this guy and see if he'll make an enormous sculpture of my dick!

But seriously, I really think these pieces are fascinating. I love the look on the mother's face in the third one. It absolutely makes the piece.

The Book of Love, by the Magnetic Fields



-Sam. said...

That is absolutely fantastic. I mean.. Wow.
...And my dick would be much more interesting.


Alex said...

I wasn't looking at her face, if you know what I'm saying. The last is my favorite. I like sleeping people. Although, he might be dead.

If he did my dick, he would have to make it enormous. He could just keep it to scale.

Meaning my dick is really big.

Boyd said...

I'd pay money to see a sculpture of your dick.

No, no, but really, these are freaky cool. Thank you for picking out his least disturbing pieces to post, because googling his name brings up some FREAKY shit. The two old people second from the bottom are particularly disorienting, because both the artist and the art look so real.