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Saturday, January 5, 2013

the 'toilet creaked with wise.complaints--we should listen!!

In German there exists the word: "Handschuh-schneeballwerfer," which means "One who throws a snowball with a gloved hand."

I think that in English there should be a word that exists to describe the enriching but unproductive state of emotion one undergoes after watching an inspirational independent film late at night. You look outside your bedroom window, and you can't see any stars, but if you could, it would be quite a sight. And you listen to a playlist of music, which is good.

Then you sit down and think, "I shall write a poem!" And maybe you do, but it's probably shit. Then you go to bed and wake up the next morning and nothing has changed. Except perhaps you have a shit poem lying on your desk that you promptly crumple up and toss. Or maybe you keep it. Because you're proud of every little shit poem you squelch out on such nights.

Yeah, there should be a word for that.


Lizzi said...

I agree. Except instead if shitty poems I make shitty art.